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Commercial Law of the Russian Federation

RUSSGROUPE represents interests of national and international companies and individuals during settlement of their legal controversies and disputes through arbitration and trial proceedings in Russian courts and other institutions regulating commercial activity.

Our attorneys and lawyers have proved their professionalism and commitment to the set goals both in Moscow, where most of our clients perform their business operations, and in other regions of the Russian Federation.

The list given below is not exhaustive, covering the key areas we specialize in when counseling our clients:

- termination of agreements and cessation of partnership relations;
- compensation for material and moral damages;
- unfair competition;
- intellectual property, industrial property;
- finance lease;
- labor law;
- borrowing money from banks;
- debt claims;
- administrative control;
- taxation;
- family law disputes involving company owners;
- national and international arbitration.

Insolvency Law and Bankruptcy Proceedings in the Russian Federation

Insolvency Law and bankruptcy proceedings in the Russian Federation:
- enforcement proceedings in resolving conflicts between individuals or legal entities;
- receipts and enforcement proceedings;
- enforcement proceedings;
- lawsuits seeking protest dismissal, bankruptcy deferment;
- collective enforcement proceedings, enforcement proceedings involving companies;
- appeal of enforcement proceedings.

Tax Law of the Russian Federation

Tax Law of the Russian Federation

Our company has extensive experience in consulting and making recommendations for our clients regarding tax law related matters. We can represent clients’ interests when resolving taxation-related issues under applicable tax or customs laws as well as during the reconciliation process in inspectorates of the Federal Tax Service.

If resolving of differences with the above authorities turns out to be impossible and our clients face charges of tax fraud or evasion, we represent their interests in court.

Insurance Law of the Russian Federation

Insurance Law of the Russian Federation
- starting insurance companies and supervising their operations;
- providing comprehensive legal support to foreign insurance companies operating in Russia;
- resolving legal problems pertaining to retirement insurance, health insurance, hull insurance, auto insurance, special insurance, life insurance, accessory equipment coverage, fire or theft risks insurance, and to other types of insurance;
- representing interests of foreign citizens or companies during settlement of disputes with insurance companies.

Criminal Law of the Russian Federation

Criminal Law of the Russian Federation

RUSSGROUPE provides high-quality attorney services to its clients in the criminal justice field, relying on its vast experience and taking advantage of the completed academic and scientific studies.

Regardless of the stage of court proceedings or pre-trial hearing, our attorneys take into consideration the client’s wishes and, in accordance with them, promptly and actively use any legal means to ensure that the case will be reviewed in a fair manner, including international protection of human rights.

In the even that all the legal means available in Russia for protection of our client’s interests have been used and higher-level remedies are required, we will thoroughly prepare and timely submit an application to the European Court of Human Rights and to the Human Rights Committee. Our attorneys and advisors have been highly successful in international proceedings.

Administrative Law of the Russian Federation

Administrative Law of the Russian Federation
- resolution of any legal disputes between individuals and public authorities;
- motions to vacate judgements, ordinary lawsuits;
- indemnity claims;
- appeal against actions of public authorities towards individuals or their property;
- dismissal of legal proceedings in an administrative case.

European Court

Application to the European Court of Human Rights
Claims for recovery any damage brought to an individual by public authorities of the Russian Federation, which infringed his or her rights guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, including the protocols thereto.

Labor Law of the Russian Federation

Labor Law of the Russian Federation

Our Company provides comprehensive high-quality services in resolution of individual or collective disputes pertaining to labor law, both through negotiations and, if required, through court proceedings or entering into agreements.

Services provided by our Company in the field of labor law and relationships between the employer and the employee also involve issues pertaining to the Laws on Joint-Stock Companies and Limited Liability Companies (including mergers, business transfer or company split) as well as issues pertaining solely to labor law and legal aspects of population employment, conducting negotiations about provisions of the employment contract, employee deployment, termination of employment contracts.

Here, we should mention that we have gained valuable experience in drawing up non-compete agreements, especially those that are entered into by and between top managers and the employer, as well as other similar agreements for non-disclosure of confidential information and performance of job responsibilities. As we have a lot of foreign citizens among our clients, we advise them on such important aspects as hiring foreign employees, social insurance of their families, taxation, legislative and other acts applicable to foreign citizens in the Russian Federation; we also complete all the required formalities relating to employment of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.

Laws on Joint-Stock Companies and Limited Liability Companies in the Russian Federation

Russian Laws on Joint-Stock Companies and Limited Liability Companies

Taking into consideration the growing need for legal aid due to the fast changing conditions on the Russian market, RUSSGROUPE offers its clients comprehensive services in the field of corporate law. The list given below is not exhaustive, covering some of the focus areas of our counseling services:
- incorporation of companies with Russian and foreign capital;
- transfer of foreign capital to Russia;
- investment incentives;
- restructuring;
- drawing up the company’s articles of incorporation and shareholder (stockholder) agreements;
- procedures pertaining to the operation of the general meeting and the management board of the company;
- winding-up of a company;
- representative office, supplementary office, contact center and branch (subsidiary office) of a company;
- procedures pertaining to stocks and bonds;
- increasing and decreasing the authorized capital;
- purchasing of securities by a company and portfolio management;
- acquisition and sale of companies.

Foundations and Associations

Operation of foundations and associations in the Russian Federation
Being aware of its social responsibility, RUSSGROUPE gives special attention to this area of activities and invests great efforts both in the framework development and in revitalization of funds, university foundations and associations operating in Russia. We offer our clients any required legal aid and support in their activities in Russia.