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Industrial Law Related Services

Industrial Law related services
RUSSGROUPE provides consulting services at all stages during implementation of joint projects by Russian and foreign companies. The list given below is not exhaustive, covering some of the focus areas of consulting services:
- preparing agreements on industrial licenses, partnership, stockholders’ equity, sale or allocation of assets, marketing and transfer of technology;
- negotiation procedures;
- taxation of different models of joint operation.

Laws Governing Mass Media and Sports

Russian laws governing mass media and sports

Taking into account that in the recent years mass media and sports organizations have boosted their activities (especially after foreign investors came into the Russian market), RUSSGROUPE offers consulting services to its clients operating in these sectors.

Our Company provides legal advice to clients during their first and subsequent communication with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (on matters pertaining to mass media activities), the Football Union of Russia (on matters pertaining to sports) or other public agencies and institutions, if it is required by Russian laws. Besides, upon the request of our clients, we provide legal evaluation of decisions and actions of management boards and, when required, represent interests of our clients in court when such actions or decisions are appealed and when a respective claim is filed.

RUSSGROUPE provides advisory services on matters relating to legal registration of sports clubs in Russia, selection of strategic partners for foreign investors, free float of shares.

RUSSGROUPE represents interests of its clients in the Football Union of Russia or in FIFA and CAS; clients include sports clubs or athletes whose interests are represented in their legal disputes, including disputes between clubs and athletes or between clubs, or between athletes and their previous or new clubs.

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance in the Russian Federation.

RUSSGROUPE represents interests of banks, financial institutions, leasing and similar companies, borrowers and lenders in the event of bankruptcy by providing attorney and advisory services. Our services involve project management, consulting or settlement of conflict situation, covering such areas as structured and project financing, syndicated lending, listing shares of foreign companies on Russian and foreign stock exchanges, leasing, financing of shipbuilding and aircraft construction.

The list given below is not exhaustive, covering the key areas we specialize in when counseling our clients:
- business entities, bank transactions, financial organizations and the related activities of administrative and regulatory authorities;
- leasehold relationship;
- factoring;
- credit facility agreements;
- corporate financing;
- property and project financing;
- structured financing;
- international trade financing;
- making and using prof on securities.

Contract Law

Contract Law of the Russian Federation

RUSSGROUPE provides a complete package of legal services, including negotiations prior to entering into an agreement, preparing a draft agreement/contract in Russian and monitoring the fulfilment of the terms and conditions of the agreement/contract. The list given below is not exhaustive, covering examples of agreements prepared and monitored by our company:
- shareholders’ agreement;
- distributor agreement;
- joint venture agreement;
- franchise contract;
- product supply agreement;
- purchase and sale agreement;
- agency agreement;
- facility construction contracts;
- loan and credit facility agreements;
- license transfer agreements;
- insurance contracts;
- employment contracts;
- management, consulting and service agreements;
-lease agreements.

Patents and Intellectual Property

The procedure for obtaining a patent and protection of intellectual property in the Russian Federation

Industrial and communication technologies have been advancing fast, and competition has gone beyond national boundaries, spreading worldwide. The outgrowth of quality manufacturing required that companies interested in distinguishing themselves from their competitors to increase their profits start investing in branding, advertising, research and development. Intense competition entails legal protection of the expected returns on investment in Russian brands, advertising and inventions or gains on unique products or technologies owned and transferred by foreign companies or revenue from services. Protection must be provided both in Russia and at the interstate level.

RUSSGROUPE provides advisory services to its corporate clients on such aspects as submitting of applications for trademark registration in Russia, obtaining of patents for an invention or a utility model, for further manufacturing analog products in Russia; taking advantage of the single computer network of specialized patent bureaus, our Company provides services in settlement (out-of-court or in court) of conflict situations, which may take place if a third party claims the same intellectual or industrial rights.

Competition Law

Law on Protection of Competition in the Russian Federation
RUSSGROUPE provides advisory services to international companies in Russia on different matters pertaining to competition law. Our Company provides counseling to foreign companies, which request the Federal Antimonopoly Service to prepare reports on the impact their mergers or acquisitions in Russia may have on the competition, and ensures that reports confirm absence of adverse implications for the market after such organizational changes. Relying on our gained experience in this area and profound academic knowledge, we are able to give our clients valuable advice both during examination and discussion of their cases in the Federal Antimonopoly Service and during making decisions on implementation of their organizational changes.

Real Property Law

Real Property Law in the Russian Federation
- claims for registration and deregistration of the title to real property;
- using a real estate property as a collateral (mortgage) under supervision of the attorney;
- legal procedures regarding land lots;
- claims for partnership termination;
- purchasing land lots;
- purchasing apartments;
- acquisition of industrial facilities;
- mortgage procedures;
- cadastral procedures;
- land lease;
- intended purpose of a land lot;
- privatization;
- real property appraisal;
- verification of real property title registration.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws and regulations in the Russian Federation
- notices and claims regarding motor vehicle accidents;
- claims for cancellation of fines for violation of the Road Traffic Regulations;
- claims for damages caused by the motor vehicle accident;
- participation in resolution of disputable situations pertaining to auto insurance;
- participation in hearing of criminal cases initiated after motor vehicle accidents.

Tourism Laws

Tourism laws and regulations in the Russian Federation
- hotel lease agreements;
- hotel management agreements;
- examination of the actual condition of a hotel and identification of its legal status during preparation of the project involving the hotel;
- lease agreements for hotels based on the model "build-operate-transfer";
- investment in the hospitality business and financing;
- setting up of a travel agency;
- setting up of a travel operator;
- obtaining licenses for operation in the tourism sector;
- representing interests (opening of a representative office) of foreign hotels in Russia;
- adjusting to the Russian tourism laws;
- participation in hearing cases in the Russian Federation regarding Russian tourists;
-representing interests of tourism associations and organizations in Russia.

Energy Laws

Energy Laws in the Russian Federation
Attorneys and advisors of RUSSGROUPE have extensive academic knowledge and experience in legal matters regarding investment in the power industry, acting in the line with the national policy of the Russian Federation (offering not only the world-recognized model "build-operate-transfer", but also other models of project financing and implementation, which are used in Russia). They offer comprehensive and detailed counseling on legal aspects to foreign private and public companies operating in the Russian Federation.
When required, RUSSGROUPE offers its clients detailed counseling on legal and property matters regarding oil and gas pipelines, electric power plants as well as on obtaining licenses for conversion of solar and wind energy into electric power, on organizational changes (mergers and acquisitions) in the energy sector, and on privatization auctions for power distribution grids in Russia.
In addition, RUSSGROUPE provides legal advice on mining operation matters, such as obtaining permits to explore and develop mineral deposits in the Russian Federation, transfer of permits, rights of the state, organizational changes (mergers and acquisitions) in the ore mining industry.