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Construction Law

Construction Law in the Russian Federation

RUSSGROUPE provides advisory services to real property owners in Russia and to investors who are interested in property transfer and management (mainly, regarding commercial property); it also provides services involving application to administrative agencies and completion of the required procedures. The list given below is not exhaustive, covering the key areas we specialize in when counseling our clients:

- projects in construction of apartments buildings;
- participatory construction procedures;
- registration of the title to property;
- lease agreements;
- mortgage;
- purchasing of real property by foreign investors;
- procedure of alienation of real property to the state;
- construction agreements, work and labor contracts;
- registration in the self-regulatory organization (SRO) and practical aspects pertaining to SRO membership.

Family Law

Family Law in the Russian Federation:
- cases of divorce by mutual consent of the parties or cases of non-consent divorce;
- property division during a divorce; divorce settlement regarding the movable and immovable property acquired during the marriage; registration of the rights to property;
- divorce related suits for alimony or compensation, imposing of interim measures;
- cases of child custody and legal guardianship;
- claims for marriage permits;
- recognition of divorce decrees in the Russian Federation, if such decrees were issued by courts of other countries, and their enforcement;
- divorce, attorney services.

Services in Representing Interests in the Russian Federation

1. Providing services in finding and selecting companies to import and distribute your products in Russia. Establishing contacts with the prospective companies and introducing them to your products. The preliminary work will result in a shortlist of selected companies (including their address and all the required contact information), which took an interest in your products, so that your company could send them an offer for supplying products to Russia.
2. Doing market research and finding Russian importers/distributors of particular products. Conducting preliminary negotiations with the selected companies and shortlisting the companies interested in the target products; sending offers for product supplies. Conducting negotiations about entering into respective agreements.
3. Making arrangements for negotiations of agreements and transaction details in our Russian office where we have the setting required for this type of procedures.
4. Preparing presentation materials in Russian or translated into Russian as well as specifications and documents proving the quality of the products offered for promotion or for sale.
5. Upon the request of the customer – a foreign company, issuing or receiving commercial proposals and invoices.
6. Participating on our own (acting as a representative) or together with the client in negotiations of products supplies; transferring offers (orders); preparing agreements and entering into agreements (or providing assistance).
7. Providing assistance in finding transportation companies, in entering into shipment or charter transportation agreements, in supervision of handling operations.
8. Providing assistance in preparing financial documents and making estimates during negotiations (bank letters of credit, etc.).
9. Providing assistance and monitoring customs procedures in Russia.
10. Taking part in fairs and exhibitions held in Russia; making product presentations.
11. Introducing and submitting product samples to Russian importers (distributors).
12. Submitting product samples to the respective organizations for examination and testing.
13. Monitoring the process of issuance certificates by the respective Russian authorities, including certificates of conformity to standards and other documents; translation of the required business, legal and scientific documentation, etc.
14. Monitoring the process of preparation and issuance of payment, shipping, customs and other documents.
15. Upon the request of the client, providing other representative services and/or performing functions of a Moscow-based office for communication and contacts.
16. Assessing the preparedness of a company for exporting products to Russia.
17. Assessing the sales potential of the new products on the Russian market; identifying favorable conditions for transactions.
18. Assessing risks associated with supply of products similar to well-known brands to the Russian market.
19. Developing a strategy of entry into the Russian market.
20. Identifying would-be consumers and product promotion channels on the Russian market.
21. Preparing agreements and conducting correspondence in Russia.
22. Carrying out different types of work in selling products: from submitting commercial proposals to delivery of products.
23. Assessing the reliability of the Russian company selected as a business partner.
24. Preparing a merchandize catalog in Russia.
25. Prompt finding of reliable consumers of the target products; providing the customer with the correspondence conducted through different communication channels and with a detailed completed work report.

Procedure for Apostille Certification in the Russian Federation

RUSSGROUPE provides services in translation of any Russian official documents into the language of the country where the documents will be submitted for authentication or any other purposes. Translated documents are provided with a certified apostille (apostilles are affixed at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation):
- affixing an apostille to court decrees;
- affixing an apostille to documents translated in Russia;
- affixing an apostille to Russian documents

Trademark Registration in the Russian Federation

Prevent producing copies of your products in Russia!

Development and worldwide spreading of manufacturing technologies create favorable conditions for similar products or services coming into the Russian market.

The trademark intended for registration is thoroughly studied by experts of RUSSGROUPE, and if, in their opinion, the trademark is qualified for registration, the application to the respective organization is prepared.

Registration of a company’s trademark is very important for protection of products or services sold or provided under the company’s name.

In the event of trademark counterfeiting or manufacturing products having similar brand name, the company that registered its trademark has significant legal preference in resolving the conflict situation.

The trademark registration process generally lasts one year from the day of submission of the application.

RUSSGROUPE strongly recommends using its services for registering trademarks.